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Announcement Marieke Snoep

Today, I am announcing that Marieke Snoep will be stepping down as Director B2C to pursue a next step in her career. She will be taking up a role at KPN as Chief Business Market and will be a member of KPN’s Executive Committee.

Marieke joined T-Mobile Netherlands in 2002 and has climbed the magenta ranks via several roles within the company. She moved from Finance to Strategy to Sales Operations to COPS.

Marieke and her teams have done a great job on so many levels. From growing our customer satisfaction scores, to spearheading a winning B2B team which is on eye level with our customers every day. Finally leading as an ExCo member our B2C organization, a team of the best professionals out there on all levels. They are challenging the market every day with a great strategy and excellent execution. The results that we achieved together at T-Mobile basically speak for themselves. I am proud of her next career step, after working for 17 years at T-Mobile.

Marieke Snoep: “I am very proud of all that we have accomplished together and the service excellence we deliver each day for our customers. Thank you all that I could be part of this amazing journey and I am positive, the team can continue this success going forward.”

From our fierce B2C team Tisha van Lammeren will take on Marieke’s role on an interim basis to continue our role as the challenger in the market. Tisha has done a fantastic job leading the marketing consumer division and she has broad B2C experience.

Although we have to say goodbye to one of our strong leaders within the company I am confident that we will continue our course of breaking down barriers in the industry.

Søren Abildgaard

CEO T-Mobile Netherlands

Bron: T-Mobile
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